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Eto sterilizer catalogue for pharmaceutical industry


RSD designs and manufactures ethylene oxide Sterilizers (ETO/EO) for the sterilization of thermo sensitive products. These sterilization equipment are destined to industrial pharmaceutical and medical companies who require low temperature sterilization cycles

Brochure ETO Sterilizers RSDAs Industrial sterilization experts, we offer turnkey sterilization projects focused on ethylene oxide sterilization process, proposing bespoke solutions.

Indeed, we manufacture customized industrial ethylene oxide chambers (from 4 euro pallets) according to customer requirements and needs.

RSD is specialized in sterilization field, more especially in ethylene oxide method. We take care of the projects from the very beginning until their finalization, as turnkey solutions:

  • Design,
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering,
  • Equipment manufacturing,
  • Control and programming,
  • M&E Installation,
  • Sterilizer validation and commissioning,

We provide high quality sterilizers and we ensure GMP equipment design. Also, we follow the strictest international standards like ATEX or ISO 1135 for instance.

In this brochure you’ll find the main information regarding our ETO sterilizers as well as all the options that you could request.

We develop and provide comprehensive and bespoke sterilization units of the ethylene oxide process for industrial pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide.

If you have any question or interest in having further information about our technology, please don't hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer you quickly.