SEC Signature DIR, ATEX certified - accurate sensors for ETO sterilization

RSD has recently become the official importer in Europe for the SEC Signature DIR from Sensors Electronics Corporation, a US company, one of the best ethylene oxide sensor in the market, and now ATEX certified.

The SEC Signature DIR is a DUAL sensor for EO gas and H2O. Specially developed for ethylene oxide applications, it is able to measure both the ethylene oxide concentration and the humidity levels inside the ethylene oxide sterilizers.


Description of these ETO sterilization sensors:

The SEC Signature DIR is a self-contained dual chamber optical gas analyzer. It has been designed for non-intrusive continuous monitoring of process gases (ethylene oxide and H2O).

This sterilization sensor is worldwide recognized for its state-of-the-art technology and its quality and reliability.

SEC Signature DIR Features

Main features of the SEC Signature DIR, Dual Infrared Process Gas Analyzer:

  • Sensor ATEX certified for EO sterilizers-RSDCapable of non-intrusive continuous monitoring for 2 different gas vapors : ethylene oxide gas and H2O,
  • Infrared sensing technology,
  • Designed for non-extractive sampling installation,
  • ATEX Certified by the notified body LOM,
  • Virtually maintenance free,
  • Explosion proof (Ex nA),
  • Immune to poisoning and etching,
  • Designed for harsh environments,
  • Compact and lightweight,
  • Fast response time,
  • Self-compensating optical system (patented),
  • Linear outputs,
  • Programmable heated optical chamber,
  • Independent pressure compensation input,
  • Operates in anaerobic atmospheres,

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ATEX Certified sensors

Since august 2019, the SEC Signature DIR sensors have the ATEX certification (mandatory European standard for machines and installations with explosion risks) thanks to RSD company. Indeed, we managed all the process to get the ATEX certification, with the support of the manufacturer, Sensor Electronics Corporation.

Now these sensors are ATEX certified by the notified body LOM, and fulfill the ATEX directive 2014/34/UE. They can so be used in EtO sterilizers and EtO sterilization facilities given that they are 100% qualified for use in ATEX zone 2, in any European countries.

A great news for the European companies that sterilize their products with the ethylene oxide sterilization process.


Products and Services

As official importer in Europe, we can offer you:

  • The SEC Signature Dir sensors with ATEX certificate.
  • A wide range of options like: sensor, signal converter, junction box, adapter and calibration gas, mechanical & electrical installation, control and calibration operations.
  • Parametric release installation and control services in your facilities.

 A comprehensive and accurate solution for your ethylene oxide sterilization equipment.

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