Industrial Pure Steam Sterilization

The Saturated Pure Steam industrial Sterilizers are usually used for sterilisation of solid, porous or liquid loads.

RSD® delivers engineering services to any company that require assessment on steam sterilization. We can also upgrade existing installation, and can design, control and validate those equipment.


Main characteristics of our design for industrial pure steam autoclave

  • Rectangular type to optimize space.
  • Doors are simple or double type and are moved automatically from the control system.
  • Series of pre-programmed cycles is available for the users for the following kind of products: solid, liquid and porous loads.
  • A visual and acoustic alarm appear if any problem occurs during the cycle execution.

The design is done in order to optimize the service consumption (industrial steam, chilled water, electricity, etc.).
The control of all the steam autoclaves is 100% automated. These sterilizers comply with the pressure equipment regulation 2014/68/UE, and large steam sterilization EN-285, among others.



Several advantages

  • Standard design is proposed, with option to customized design,
  • High efficiency design, using energy optimization,
  • First brands for critical components,
  • Fulfil the most stringent normative in Europe (EN-285, PED 2014/68/UE, CE marking,…),

Non-exhaustive list of available options

  • Air detection system,
  • Indirect cooling,
  • Air + steam / Super-heated water cycle ,
  • SCADA control system,
  • Software Validation,
  • Additional panels,
  • Pure Steam Generator,
  • Trays, carts, transfer trolley,
  • Etc.

Our standard designs for steam sterilizers go from a 288l up to 8.960l. But the dimensions and design are adjusted according final user needs.

Each autoclave is qualified according to a qualification plan which includes the generation and performance of quality protocols, which are: FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ and OQ.

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