Commissioning and Qualification

We ensure the perfect installation and commissioning of your equipment according the state of the art. All the aspects are checked at any stage during the start-up, to get an optimal result. We also take care of a strict installation qualification / validation.

Commissioning services

We develop all the necessary protocols and perform the required test in order to verify the correct equipment operation. We rigorously follow all the steps to guarantee the reliability of your equipment.

Regarding the validation of your pharmaceutical equipment, our quality team takes charge to redact and perform all the stringent pharmaceutical protocols. It allow us to propose to our customers a suitable equipment qualification, fulfilling all the European and International normatives.

Qualification services

  • Functional and Design Specifications (FDS),
  • Software and Design Specifications (SDS),
  • Hardware and Design Specification (HDS),
  • Design Qualification (DQ),
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT),
  • Installation Qualification (IQ),
  • Operation Qualification (OQ),
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)

In addition, we propose calibration services for pressure, flow, humidity and temperature.

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