Project management

RSD® is in charge of complex projects, including the ones following the ATEX normative for pharmaceutical industries.
We manage and lead the projects in their totality: planning/costs/quality/risk management/…
According to us, it is essential that the relationship with the customer has to be based on confidence. That’s why we propose a weekly personalised follow up of the project.

GMP pharmaceutical equipment

The common tasks of such a job use to be the following one:

  • Centralized communication with stakeholders,
  • Planning definitions and follow-up,
  • Meeting with customers, including technical reports,
  • Manufacturing follow-up, including pictures of project status,
  • Project budgeting,
  • Coordination of stakeholder tasks during the project lifetime,
  • Quality assurance control (FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ),
  • …,

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