Our control team offers process control of industrial systems.
We propose customized services to our clients to give best process control to their equipment.
Our specific know how on equipment and plant programming can allow us to assess the customer on the best process solutions.

Programming / control services

The most important skills that we propose are:

  • FMEA and HAZOP studies, especially used for ATEX equipment,
  • Risk analysis and SIL level definition,
  • Control system design following GAMP 5, GMP, 21 CFR Part 11…,
  • PLC (Siemens, Pilz, Rockwell,…) and SCADA  / HMI (Intouch, WinCC, …) programming,
  • Software validations,
  • Start up and commissioning of complex installations,
  • Trainings on installed equipment,
  • …,
programming pharmaceutical equipment


The ONYX control system for ETO sterilization equipment

We have developed our own control system " The ONYX control system" based on high technology in order to ensure a reliable, safe and efficient sterilization process.
This control system has been designed for ethylene oxide sterilization equipment destined to pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
It uses the SCADA technology, and it is programmed according to the HAZOP analysis and SIL definition of each project.

The advantages of "ONYX control system":

  • Conforming to GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records,
  • Creation and management of flexible recipes,
  • Management of the whole installation interlocks,
  • Excellent traceability and tracking of the products during their sterilization,
  • Available displays for synoptic, graphs, alarms and reports,
  • Different password-protected user levels,
  • Screen for calibration operations,
  • Ability to operate processes in manual or automatic modes,
  • Automatic calculation of the flammability diagram,
  • Software Validation (SDS, SMDS, SMTS),
RSD SCADA presentation


Thanks to our control system, the risks are minimized as critical operations cannot be executed without safety conditions, even in manual mode. In addition, the operators are able to visualize, analyze and manage all the sterilization cycle inputs in an easy and reliable way.

It is a bespoke solution that can be integrated into your ETO sterilization equipment, taking into account all your needs and requirements.


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