Vacuum chambers

The aim of the vacuum chamber is to solve a problem that many pharmaceutical companies are facing to check the waterproofness of their sterilized products (vials, crystal bottles, containers with liquid, IV bags).

When your sterilization equipment does not have the option "Chamber Immersion" to check this potential defect, only the option “chamber vacuum” can be done (when there is this possibility).

However, those two solutions have several inconvenient:

  • The chamber vacuum option need to put the product upside down at the end of each cycle. In addition, some chambers (superheated water sterilizers) cannot achieve vacuum.
  • The immersion solution requires to throw a high quantity of purified water at the end of each cycle (equal to real chamber volume). That process is expensive.
  • Those two processes increase the cycle time, due to sterilizer monopolization.

For all these reasons, RSD® proposes a special design for customized vacuum chambers, especially dedicated to leak detection process at the end of sterilization cycles. For those equipment manufacturing, we rely on a strong partner, Inoxtorres.

Main characteristics of the vacuum chambers

  • Visual and acoustic alarms appear if any problem occurs
  • SCADA Control system as optional
  • A tumbler device, necessary for some products (bottles or vials for example)
  • Cycle speed,
  • Pre-defined cycles, with variable parameters

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