Superheated water / air + steam sterilization

The Superheated water (or steam + air) sterilizers are used for sterilisation of any close recipient (glass or plastic) containing liquid, like IV bags, bottles, etc.

RSD® delivers engineering services to any company that require assessment on counter-pressure sterilization. We can also upgrade existing installation, and can design, control and validate those equipment.


Main characteristics of our design for industrial superheated water autoclave

  • Usually cylindrical type in order to better withstand the positive pressure.
  • Doors are simple or double type and are moved automatically from the control system.
  • Series of pre-programmed cycles is available for the users.
  • Water recirculation system works thanks to an efficient centrifugal water pump and a heat exchanger in order to heat and cool the loads.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm appear if any problem occurs during the cycle execution.
  • The control of all the autoclaves is 100% automated.

Several advantages

  • Standard design is proposed, with option to customized design,
  • High efficiency design, using energy optimization,
  • First brands for critical components,
  • Perfect temperature uniformity,
  • Fulfill the most stringent normatives in Europe (PED 2014/68/UE, CE marking,…) and other countries according the project,
  • Etc.

Non-exhaustive list of available options

  • Automatic loading and unloading system,
  • Pit mounted configuration,
  • SCADA control system,
  • Software Validation,
  • Additional panels,
  • Trays, carts, transfer trolley,
  • Etc,

Standard designs of our superheated water sterilizers go from a 1.000l up to 32.000l (useful volume). But the dimensions and design can be adjusted according final user needs. Each autoclave can be validated according to a qualification plan which includes the generation and performance of quality protocols, which are: FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ and OQ.

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