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ATEX Training in the RSD office


In the objective to improve its quality services and equipment, RSD decided to organize a specific technical ATEX training in their offices in Martorelles (SPAIN). This training has been performed by Michel Stoecklin, Ism-Atex level 3 certified by the notified body INERIS, and has been taught for RSD engineers, manufacturing staff, as well as the direct user (customer). It is quite unusual and exceptional to get a training for the whole loop engineering-manufacturing-final user, at the same time.


ATEX safety audit


The Atex regulations cover many activities including the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and it is essential for those companies to be aware of the importance of protecting people and equipment.
As far as all the engineers in RSD are certified Ism-ATEX level 2 by the notified body INERIS, we can offer Atex safety audit services for Atex installations in pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, and especially for ethylene oxide sterilization as it is a process for which RSD is specialized for many years.


Customized sterilization equipment


Through to the achievement of several national and international pharmaceutical projects, RSD® is a key player in this market.

Our experience in the Ethylene Oxide Sterilization and execution of complete solutions in process factories can endorse us in this sector. We provide full solutions for the pharmaceutical industries, in which we have a large experience.


Welcome to our new website - RSD®


Visit our new website and find out our industrial sterilizers for ETO as well as the services especially dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


Take a look at our Ethylene Oxide Industrial Sterilizer Brochure


Find enclose our new ETO Sterilizer Brochure with all the its ancillary equipment.

If you are looking for a turnkey solution regarding ethylene oxide sterilization, that will interest you.


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