ATEX intervention on Meidinger fans


Repair and Maintenance for special fans dedicated to ethylene oxide sterilization

Maintenance of fans for one Ethylene Oxide AutoclaveThe goal has been to carry out a repair operation, changing the mechanical seals & bearings, and cleaning the cooling circuit. Also, a general verification has been done (shaft deviation, vibration level, belt tension, etc).

In order to fulfill the EC-type ATEX certificate of such a fan and to follow the SAQR-ATEX reference for ATEX repairs, those operations should be done every 3 years of functioning, and should never exceed 5 years. Otherwise, the ATEX certification of the fan is no longer valid.





Our team, accredited by the notified body INERIS

Ours engineers are accredited by the notified body “INERIS” under certificate, to perform the maintenance operations and repairs on the MEIDINGER fans.

This INERIS Certificate allows us to work on maintenance, repair and installation of ATEX equipment. Any ATEX equipment/installations should be inspected and kept up to date of the lasted norms.

If you are looking for professionals regarding maintenance or reparation aspects for your installations and equipment that should comply with ATEX normative, do not hesitate to contact us.