SEC Signature DIR, a reliable sensor for EtO sterilizers, now available with ATEX certification thanks to RSD


SEC Signature DIR, a reliable sensor for ETO concentration and H2O measurements in EtO sterilizers, now available with ATEX certification thanks to RSD

After a long process dedicated to analysis and tests, RSD has achieved the ATEX certification for the “SEC Signature DIR” sensor, which measures the ETO concentration and the humidity level in the EO sterilization chamber, essential for parametrical release.


The advantages of this sensor, specifically designed for ETO chambers

Sensor ATEX certified for EO sterilizers-RSDFirst, the SEC Signature DIR sensor, also called DUAL sensor, has a compact design to make easy the installation operations. But its main advantage is likely that it is able to obtain a very reliable reading of both Ethylene Oxide concentration and humidity levels in a sterilizer thanks to its advanced infra-red technology.

Thanks to those two reliable measurements and its affordable price, this sensor makes possible the parametric release for most of the companies, leading to a significant time and cost savings for any user that should sterilize with the ethylene oxide process.

The benefits of the parametric release:

  • Time and resource savings: No need any more for a sterility test performance using conventional Biological Indicators, which means no waiting time for results to release the loads.
  • Financial savings: Due to the absence of expenses related to sterility testing and product holding. It is so possible to quickly release the products in the market. Space saving as well, as no quarantine area is required.


The SEC Signature Dir Sensor, now ATEX certified

Logo ATEX Atmosfera explosivaRSD has certified the well proven technology developed by Sensor Electronics Corp. (made in USA), according to ATEX normative. This component has been especially designed to work for ethylene oxide applications.

Worldwide recognized for its advanced technology and its high-quality, this sensor gives direct ETO and H2O readings for ETO sterilization equipment, and make the process more reliable and safer.

Now with the ATEX certification, those sensors will be able to be installed in Europe as far as they are used in zone 2.

Until recently, those sensors could not be used in an ETO sterilization equipment installed in Europe, because they didn’t fulfil the ATEX regulation (2014/34/UE), mandatory in EEUU. From now on, RSD makes it possible.


RSD, the official importer in Europe for the SEC Signature Dir Sensor

Since August 2019, RSD company can sell the SEC Signature Dir sensors in Europe, delivering the ATEX certification.

In addition to the sensor, we also propose several options: signal converter, junction box, adapter and calibration gas, mechanical & electrical installation, control and calibration operations can be also offered to our customers.


We remain at your disposal for further information.



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