Customized sterilization equipment


In addition, and apart from designing custom equipment, we can also offer turnkey projects. We differentiate ourselves thanks to our designs that perfectly suit to the specific customer needs, quality manufacturing and equipment installation and commissioning.

We propose standard Ethylene Oxide sterilizers, but we can also customise whatever size, layout or process the customer look for.

Project management from A to Z is proposed for these kind of projects, as well as a large number of services:

  • Concept study,
  • Design,
  • Engineering to reach the best solution,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Mechanical and electrical manufacturing,
  • Control (PLC & SCADA),
  • Installation & Commissioning,
  • CE Certifications and quality protocols,
  • Process validation,
  • Equipment maintenance,

Looking for a turnkey customized sterilization equipment!

Both Pharmaceutical and Medical device industries are sectors of activity where the quality standards are very high. Companies requiring improvement and innovation in their working methods and production systems are increasing more and more.

A custom turnkey project is often part of the solution to meet those needs.

Design of EtO sterilization plant - RSD Industrial sterilizationOur team and know-how are our main assets

Thanks to our several years of experience in the pharmaceutical companies, we can propose to handle important projects with all the complexities that can suppose to, and we provide an important know-how especially in industrial EtO sterilization.

Together with our technical expertise, manufacturing knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry and our expert engineers, we help our customers to apply the best solutions and designs.

We can provide either ethylene oxide sterilizer units, or full turnkey EtO sterilization projects including all the ancillary equipment as well as all the utilities the installation should require.

Custom your equipment

Due to each product to sterilize is different, we offer bespoke turnkey equipment. We analyse your needs and adapt the project in terms of process, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of your pharmaceutical equipment depending on the quality, budget, and delivery requirements.

We have a large range standard EtO sterilization units and options.

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Why to trust to RSD for the integration of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization equipment? 

  • We are specialists in the pharmaceutical processes (stringent international standards, GMP directives, 21 CFR PART 11, ATEX, ISO11135, IEC 61508...).
  • We ensure the design, manufacturing, and delivery of sterilization equipment until its full validation, using complete quality protocols.
  • Our reputation is endorsed by our quality equipment, personalized services, reaction time, quick delivery, competitive prices and specific know-how.
  • We have the means to carry out your project with efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Our design is efficient, reliable and secure. Safety should be essential.
  • We only use high quality industrial components that guarantee traceability and make easier equipment maintenance.
  • All our equipment are built and certified according to European and international directives.
  • Close counselling, offering turnkey projects.

Thanks to an innovation focus, our specialized technicians and engineers can answer to the most demanding requests. That’s why our commitment is to team up with you in order to offer you the best solution to be implemented.

Our presence in the international industrial sterilization market is increasing year after year, to become one of the European leaders for EO sterilization.

Let's talk together about your projects.


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