ATEX Training in the RSD office


This training has taken place during 5 days in September 2018, and has allowed to obtain (or renew for some of them) the voluntary certification Ism-ATEX (Installation, Service and Maintenance of ATEX installations). Then RSD team will be able to continue to offer high quality services based on safe conditions, and applied to design, manufacturing and maintenance for mechanical & electrical installations having potential risk of explosive atmospheres

Any operator of an industrial site where the risk of explosive atmospheres (ATEX) exists, has a responsibility for ensuring the proper maintenance of an ATEX installation. It could include the design, construction and / or maintenance of Electrical & Mechanical installations. These different aspects related to ATEX installations have to be considered very seriously. The designer of such an installation, as well as the M&E operators must have a good knowledge of the rules for operating an equipment used in explosive atmospheres to ensure an appropriate safety.

That is why it is important to entrust the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of these ATEX equipment to qualified professionals.

What is the Ism-ATEX certification?

Certificado ATEX - INERISThe Ism-ATEX certification (Installation, Service and Maintenance of electrical & mechanical installations in ATEX) guarantees the necessary skills to design and manufacture (including maintenance) installations in potential explosive atmospheres.

The certified Ism-ATEX persons are able to:

  • Design, achieve, install and maintain ATEX equipment and/or installations taking into account the security and the appropriate standards.
  • To proceed in safe operation in the installations and ATEX zones.


Who is interested in this ATEX training?

The Ism-ATEX certification can interest companies dedicated to:

  • Design of ATEX facilities, equipment and/or plant (technical and engineering offices).
  • Assembly activities or execution of ATEX installations.
  • Maintenance activities of ATEX facilities.

Any company and industry which has a need to increase skills on ATEX facilities, equipment and/or plant are susceptible to be interested in the Ism-ATEX training.

Different levels of Ism-ATEX certifications

There are 3 levels for this certification:

  • Level 0 - Person who intervenes in ATEX: These are people who develop activities in ATEX areas, but without directly intervening on the equipment subject to the Regulations.
  • Level 1 - Execution agent: Person who participates in any phase of the installation (assembly, maintenance, design). It is usually run by an authorized person (Level 2). For example, the members of the maintenance team.
  • Level 2 - Authorized person: manager for any aspects of the installation (assembly, maintenance, design). For example the engineers of the engineering department, maintenance managers / safety / prevention team.

This certification is valid for 3 years from the completion of the training test. This is why after this period, it is necessary to renew the certification for which it is required to update technical and regulatory concepts and then perform a training test.

The training that usually takes place in RSD offices allows to obtain or/and renew the Level 2 and 1 of Ism-ATEX certification, more specifically the Ism-ATEX electrical and Mechanical in order to maintain the high level of skill required in our activity branch which is mainly the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Who can guarantee this Ism-ATEX certification?

The Ism ATEX certification is developed by the French Notified Body INERIS, which is the one that issues the corresponding training certificates.

The ATEX Notified Institutions are accredited entities by the national authorities of the Member States in whose jurisdiction they are located, and notified to the European Commission and the rest of the EU Member States, and which have demonstrated their competence in accordance with Annex XI of Directive 2014/34/UE.


The whole RSD Staff, ATEX certified

RSD is conscientious of the importance of the quality and safety that should be managed to any projects as ethylene oxide chamber manufacturer, but also for all other pharmaceutical projects in terms of engineering, manufacturing, programming, and commissioning.

The Ism-Atex level 2 Electrical & Mechanical Certifications concern for example:

  • Selection and assembly of electrical & mechanical instrumentations and components in ATEX,
  • Maintenance of ATEX installation,
  • Achievement of electrical schemes in ATEX,
  • Verification of ATEX electrical & mechanical components,
  • Piping installations,
  • Implementation and assembly of ATEX components,
  • Review and inspection of ATEX equipment
  • Control of the work execution in safe conditions

RSD manages a lot of turnkey projects for medical devices and pharmaceutical area. In order to always propose the best services and solutions in these areas, our experts are Ism-ATEX certified, and totally qualified to perform the activities previously mentioned.

As we are certified by Ism-ATEX level 2 electrical & Mechanical by the Notified body INERIS, we offer several services for ATEX equipment and installations, in addition to the manufacturing of ethylene oxide sterilizers and turnkey projects.


Let's talk together about your needs and concerns regarding your ATEX facilities and equipment.



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