Our Superheated Water Sterilizer


Superheated water sterilizer for pharmaceutical industry

This customized project for a pharmaceutical client has been set up at the end of last year, and has been finished recently. Such a project has been developed using high quality material (stainless steel and known brand components) with stringent quality protocols like FDS (Functional Design Specification), DQ (Design Qualification), FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), IQ (Installation Qualification), and OQ (Operation Qualification).

Characteristics Superheated Water SterilizerThe main characteristics of this superheated water sterilizer are the following:

  • Dimensions: 3.620mm width x 7.440mm depth x 2.950mm high.
  • Pit mounted.
  • Double door with automatic horizontal movement.
  • Technical area, including water recirculation pump and heat exchanger.
  • High level of thermal isolation.
  • Instrumentations for measuring. parameters: temperature probes, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, pressure gauges, different filters, safety valves, etc.
  • Control system: A Scada system has been installed for supervision and the control of all the functions.

In addition to the design, manufacturing and commissioning, Inoxtorres together with RSD® have redacted and executed a huge list of quality protocols. The following documents are delivered to the customer: component technical specifications, CE certificates, material and welder certificates, user manual, hydraulic test,....

This kind of turnkey project is always based on quality and innovative solutions associated to a competitive price. 

For further information regarding autoclave/sterilizer design, manufacturing, commissioning or qualificationcontact us.