New project for industrial sector: high pressure autoclave


Innovative design

As an engineering company, we give support to our clients in the integration of new technologies or new processes. We offer turnkey projects, totally customized if necessary such as in this case, where our mechanical engineering department has to define solutions that meet all the client requirements, following their URS. We assist our clients in the integration of new technologies and processes.

Our design begins with the analysis of the customer requirements and needs. Later on, a risk analysis is carried out to comply with applicable standards. During the design phase, we value the efficiency, innovation and safety in order to ensure an optimized integration and a 100% satisfying result.


The main chamber characteristics

Design 3D High Pressure Autoclave

  • High pressure chamber (13 bar design pressure, 20 bar for test pressure),
  • Useful dimensions of the chamber: 600mm high x 600mm wide x 700mm depth,

To design and create a high pressure chamber, several aspects have to be taken into account.

The safety should be first for this type of equipment, that’s why the design should follow very stringent technical standards.





Technical characteristics of this autoclave

Regarding the technical aspect, the chamber has to achieve some goals. Indeed, it must be able to:

  • To inject steam and compressed air into the chamber. It can also achieve vacuum.
  • Both heating and humidifying the chamber, so a steam generator has been integrated on the equipment.
  • To keep the chamber indoor environment warm thanks to a jacket.

The great innovation is the door sealing system: It can be opened and closed with a motoreducer, and the sealing is performed thanks to a displaceable seal in order to avoid leaks during cycles.


Some options:

The chamber has a large number of options for its good operation, for instance:

  • Pure team generator,
  • SCADA control system,
  • Full protocol package (FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ),
  • Indirect cooling system,
  • Automatic door blocking device,
  • ...,

This is a customized equipment, and it has been designed and created for a special request. As an engineering company, we enjoy to taking on new challenges.

Aware that industrial companies must differentiate themselves and increase their efficiency, our innovative solutions enable our customers to grow developing competitive projects and always looking for improvement; and innovation on any type of industrial equipment. 

Let’s talk together about your projects and needs; we will be happy to manage your projects.