In phase of industrial sterilizers manufacturing for veterinary laboratory


Main autoclave configurations

Some of those sterilizers must have both steam sterilization technology and superheated water technology.

It must be provided 6 autoclaves fully customized with a design including sanitary pipes, instrumentations and accessories. Also, in order to fulfil all the customer requirements, GMP regulation has to be used. In addition, and due to the high risk of contamination coming from the laboratory activities, all those sterilizers should have the Hi-Risk option using Bio-seal, and sterilisation of any residues before releasing anything to the atmosphere and non-contaminated areas.

Sizes of those industrial sterilizers:

  • 2 sterilizers of 288L
  • 4 sterilizers of 1280L

Some details of these autoclaves for Veterinary laboratory

Autoclave Laboratory Design 3DThese autoclaves will to be provided with several options:

  • HiRisk (For decontamination of viruses previously injected to animals),
  • Automatic sterilization of the filter in situ,
  • Indirect cooling,
  • Polished internal surfaces Ra <0.5,
  • 316L stainless steel,
  • UPS,
  • Centralized SCADA, fulfilling 21 CFR Part 11,
  • Transfer trolleys, carts and trays,
  • ...

Main challenge for this project

As an engineering company specialized in industrial sterilization (pure steam water, superheated water and Ethylene Oxide sterilization), we have to manage all the phases of the autoclave development.

It means:

  • Project management, including schedule follow up, cost reductions, risk analysis, department coordination, etc.
  • Mechanical & electrical engineering (PID’s and Layout design, thermal and mechanical calculations, CAD, etc),
  • Commissioning (Redaction of quality protocols, calibrations,…),

For this particular project, we are collaborating with Toni Gris SL. for the equipment control and start up. This company has a huge experience in sterilization process, and its know-how will contribute to the success of the installation.

We are in contact with the customer at all time in order to do the follow up of the autoclave evolution. An excellent coordination with Inoxtorres, the company that manufactures these autoclaves, is also critical to correctly execute the manufacturing.

We offer to our customer turnkey installations, based on sterilization equipment totally customized with suitable options. Our know-how applied to the teamwork allows us to get excellent results, and make the possible the customer trust.

Entrust your industrial sterilization projects to us.  

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