Depyrogenation oven

The dry heat oven is designed for the sterilization and depyrogenation of high temperature resistant goods such as stainless steel or metal tools, glass vials or ampoules, laboratory glassware, etc. Then, those equipment are prepared to work under high temperature conditions.

RSD® delivers engineering services to any company that require assessment on depyrogenation process. We can also upgrade existing installation, and can design, control and validate those equipment.

Main characteristics of our design for industrial depyrogenation Oven

  • Equipment is rectangular cross section, and usually work with a single door design.
  • The chamber should be classified as Class 100 (ISO 5).
  • Visual and acoustic alarm appear if any problem occurs during the cycle execution.
  • The control of all the ovens is 100% automated and comply with European directives.
Depyrogenation oven

Several advantages

  • Integrity tests for the HEPA filters (99,99% efficiency),
  • High efficiency design, using energy optimization,
  • Optimized chamber isolation,
  • First brands for critical components,
  • Excellent temperature uniformity, helping the validation process,
  • Fulfil the applicable legislation set by the European directives, FDA recommendations, cGMP,

Non-exhaustive list of available options

  • Additional panels,
  • SCADA Control system,
  • Trays, carts, transfer trolley,
  • Software validation,
  • Spare parts,

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