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How to remove ethylene oxide from the autoclave at the end of the sterilization cycle?


Industries are increasingly committed to the protection of the environment and in most cases they try to consider it as one of their priorities.
Companies that design and manufacture Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization autoclaves can also propose the best technologies to their customers for ethylene oxide elimination. ETO is a very effective gas as it has sterilization property, but being harmful for the environment; that’s why it is required to use either a Scrubber or Catalytic System.
All the information about these 2 technologies to have the best ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization facility respecting the environment.


Steam sterilization cycles


The steam sterilization or also known as Saturated Pure steam sterilization is the most used sterilization process for materials that resist high temperature and humidity (Stainless steel instruments, rubber, glassware…). It is the most reliable and easiest method to handle for this kind of products (quite used in hospitality industry).

The combined action of water vapor and temperature causes the destruction of microorganisms present on the products to be sterilized. The sterilizer works according to a sterilization cycle which is composed of several phases. The quality of the sterilization depends basically on the sterilization cycle.

What are the phases of a typical sterilization cycle? What are utilities in a steam sterilization? What are the technologies for a correct operation?


Vacuum chamber for product leak test


We close the year with a vacuum chamber that we designed, installed and qualified for a pharmaceutical customer. It has been a customized project achieved by RSD Engineering Solutions SL and Inoxtorres SL, to detect potential leaks in bottles.


Take a look at our new sterilizer brochures


Find our products in our new sterilizer brochures.

We propose 3 types of sterilizers with several options and installation configurations:

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers
  • Satured Pure Steam Sterilizers
  • Superheated Water Sterilizers


Why does the Ethylene Oxide sterilization so important in the pharmaceutical & medical industries?


The Ethylene Oxide sterilization is used for many years now, but recently its importance in the sterilization world has increased, mainly due to the combination of the 2 following factors:

  • The pharmaceutical and medical products to sterilize are more and more manufactured in plastic, for single use (gloves, syringes, catheters, or other delicate products …), requiring low sterilization process.
  • The ethylene oxide sterilization is the only process that cannot alter the physical characteristic of the product to sterilize (colour, mechanical characteristics, etc).

There is no doubt, the ethylene oxide sterilization process is one of the most effective sterilization processes at low temperature.



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