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ATEX intervention on Meidinger fans


In the middle of November 2017, we performed an ATEX intervention on two MEIDINGER fans in Vygon (France).

This pharmaceutical company has relied on us for this operation that lasted three days. Those two fans have a capacity of 4.000 m3/h and are ATEX Ex II 2G c T3 rated, certificate INERIS04ATEX3012X. They are used on ethylene oxide sterilizers for the chamber internal recirculation.


¿Looking for an expert of Ethylene Oxide sterilization?


In the field of industrial sterilization that includes the pharmaceutical, food and chemical sectors, companies need to improve their processes using innovative solutions in order to increase their productivity, and reactivity.... They have to be up to date with all the rules and directives as they change frequently. Also, to continue growing in a sector where technologies are constantly changing, innovating, perfecting and improving. For these reasons, companies tend to treat with external consultancy.

Find and choose a good consultancy is not an easy task, especially if we need a professional in ethylene oxide sterilization. They are profiles that do not abound in the market, taking into account that sterilization process by ethylene oxide is increasing worldwide.


In phase of industrial sterilizers manufacturing for veterinary laboratory


Some specialists of our team is working on a huge project for one of the most important veterinary laboratory of Spain. It is for us a new challenge that allow us to increase our presence in this sector.

Our team of engineers is managing the project management, the mechanical engineering, as well as the commissioning for 6 autoclaves.


GMP for industrial pharmaceutical equipment


One of the main characteristics of the pharmaceutical sector is the importance of the quality.

GMP “Good Manufacturing Practices” are one of the several practices required in the pharmaceutical sector (equipment & products, like drug, food,…).

Today we are looking at the GMP for the industrial pharmaceutical equipment, especially for industrial sterilization equipment.


The Ethylene Oxide Sterilization is the key for thermo-sensitive products sterilization


A few years ago, the evolution of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors have made emerged the “thermo-sensitive” products. These products cannot be sterilized using a traditional method (steam sterilization) because of their physical properties. 
That's why other methods of sterilization have been developed, in which we find ethylene oxide sterilization.

All information needed to understand: what is a thermo-sensitive product? Why do we use the ethylene oxide sterilization? What are the keys to the ethylene oxide sterilization process? 


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