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SEC Signature DIR, a reliable sensor for EtO sterilizers, now available with ATEX certification thanks to RSD


RSD has succeeded to get the ATEX certification delivered by the notified body LOM for the sensor “SEC Signature DIR” from Sensor Electronics Corp., and becomes the official importer in Europe of this material from now on, specially designed to ETO sterilization equipment.


Our control system: SCADA + PLC for ETO sterilization equipment


RSD has developed its own control system for industrial ETO sterilization equipment "the ONYX control system". A control system including SCADA technology and safety PLC, a high-quality and high safety solution.


Sterilization for pharmaceutical industry


The sterilization of pharmaceutical products is an essential part for many pharmaceutical industry companies, because the quality and safety of their products (drugs, medical devices, chirurgical instruments,) is at stake.

Find out about the different sterilization processes and the industrial equipment necessary for sterilization in pharmaceutical industry.


EtO sterilization equipment upgrade for existing installations


Many pharmaceutical industries and medical devices manufacturers have to upgrade their facilities in order to either meet applicable standards, or improve their productivity, safety or reliability.

In addition, the facility upgrade allows the incorporation of advanced-technologies to increase the productivity and the equipment efficiency.


Our ETO facility solutions for sterilization in pharmaceutical industry


In order to face up to the new requirements that are more and more strict in the pharmaceutical sector, the sterilization equipment manufacturer has to evolve to propose sterilizers able to satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The new technologies, the automation, the quality and the safety are part of the key elements for the success of these kinds of projects.


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