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Our ethylene oxide sterilizers, exclusively for pharmaceutical and Medical device industries


RSD is recognized as ethylene oxide sterilization expert company. Indeed, one of the strengths of our company is the specific know-how in EtO sterilization applied to Eto sterilization process and manufacturing of eto sterilization equipment.


Find out the performance of our EtO sterilizers through innovation


As experts in EtO sterilization and EtO sterilizer manufacturing dedicated to the Medical device and pharmaceutical industries, we manufacture large industrial sterilizers well known for their high performance and quality.


The COVID-19 global outbreak highlights higher importance to the medical devices sterilization


The COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of the healthcare and medical device sterilization, especially the EtO process.


Presentation video of RSD Company – EtO sterilization equipment manufacturer


We show you a short video of RSD Company.

Find out the company activity.


Ethylene oxide autoclave for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers


The ethylene oxide sterilization exists for a long time and has demonstrated during these years its efficiency and capability to be adapted to the pharmaceutical industry and Medical device sector. 

This process has become one of the most popular sterilization methods, thanks to its evolution and innovation through the EtO autoclaves.


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